The Best Price-Quality Ratio

DOMUSplus can offer building construction up to the level of the so-called “High-Level Rough Work”, which is the basic level of construction completion of our buildings. This level of construction completion is highly adapted to the needs of modern investors. On the one hand, this ensures maximum quality of construction and execution of works, while on the other hand, it enables the investor’s flexibility in the choice and execution of final tradesmen work. High-level rough work includes the construction of the building on finished and prepared foundations, with the exterior of the building completely finished, while the interior is brought to the phase of final tradesmen work.

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High-Level Rough Work Includes the Following Works:

1. Drawing up complete design documentation – Conceptual Design for obtaining Special Requirements and Main Design for obtaining the Building Permit (architectural design, structural design, water supply and drainage design, electrical design, and mechanical design).

2. Production and installation of all structural elements (exterior and partition walls, ceiling panels, roof girders).

3. Waterproofing protection of the vertical joint between the foundation and exterior walls for additional protection against capillary moisture and reinforced waterproofing, with the aim of passive protection against radon gas.

4. Manufacture of ceiling on the wooden substructure with mineral wool insulation w=30 cm, vapour barrier and fire-resistant gypsum boards lining.

5. Installation of thermal façade made of hard stone wool w=15 cm, with a final layer of decorative silicone-silicate thin-layer plaster with granulation of 1.5 mm, in a colour of the investor’s choice. The cost of scaffolding is included in the price.

6. Roofing with glazed tiles in one of 5 standard colours, with planking, double battening, and roof foil installation. For flat roofs – installing geotextile 300 g/m2, roof foil with granulation of 15 g/m2, drains, trough, laying of thermal insulation EPS 100 kPa with 1% inclination towards the drains, and installing a vertical waterproofing closure. The cost of scaffolding is included in the price.

7. Eaves finishings with decorative façade layer or panelling painted with a protective coating.

8. Procurement and installation of exterior PVC joinery ,white on both sides with white window handles (colour is optional), without roller shutters, mosquito nets and shutters (optional). All joinery is 6-chamber, tilt-and-turn, glazed with 3-layer insulating glass 4+18+4F+20+4 mm Low-E + argon Ug=0.50 W/m2K, Rw= 32 dB, which contains a microscopically thin special reflective layer that reflects light, blocks up to 78% of UV radiation, and the solar factor is 43% better than classic low-e+argon glass. Uw= Uw= 0.80 W/m2Kaccording to ISO 10077-1.

9. Procurement and installation of exterior aluminium window sills in white colour, and interior stone window sills with the installation of waterproofing under the sills using bitumen tape.

10. Procurement and installation of a single-channel Schiedel Uni Plus chimney, φ=20 cm.

11. Execution of complete metalwork – procurement of materials, manufacture and laying of horizontal and vertical gutters, chimney trims and roof punching shears and valley out of galvanized coloured sheet, as well as installation of a snowfence.

12. Procurement and installation of garage doors – sectional, automatic, thermally insulated.

13. Procurement and installation of foldable attic ladder for single-storey houses.

14. Procurement and installation of a wooden lacquered staircase for houses with an attic and multi-storey houses.

15. Rough distribution of electrical installations including the installation of self-extinguishing PVC tubes (cable housings) and connection-distribution boxes into walls.

16. Complete floor and wall distribution of the water supply and sewage system with PVC tubes within the building (without circulation).

17. Transport
of all structural elements from the production plant to the construction site (within Zagreb County).

18. Measurement and certification of the air permeability of the building envelope including drawing up the report on air permeability testing and the Energy Performance Certificate.

19. Optional: Fine distribution of electrical installations with switches and sockets in white colour, and a power distribution box.